Westhill Primary School

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List of Officer Bearers for 2023

Chair – Alexandra Gillespie

Vice Chair – Samantha Gilbert

Communications Officers – Charlotte Molyneux & Linzi Ure

Secretary – Kirsty Sinclair

Treasurer – Lynne Dempster

Fundraising Chair – Sarah McKechnie

List of Class Representatives for 2023

Nursery – Jennifer Strachan & Linzi Ure

P1A Lucy MacKay

P1B Vivian Webster

P2A Alexa Donegan

P2B Samantha Gilbert

P3A Sarah McKechnie

P3B Linda Shaw

P4A Nicola Jamieson

P4B Amy Fraser

P5A Lianne Baird

P5/6 Kerri Calder

P7A Alexa Donegan

P7B Leigh Smith

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